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Holes in the House, Studio MNM.

Mio Tsuneyama is a Japanese architect and founder of Studio mnm. She began her studies of architecture at the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) in Japan and completed at École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2008 as a Swiss Government International Scholarships student, where she is currently teaching as a visiting professor. She worked as an architect at HHF Architects in Basel after her studies until she went back to Tokyo to start her own practice in 2012. Mio Tsuneyama also teaches at several private universities in Japan and has begun to teach as a guest professor at EPFL in 2022. Studio mnm's most notable project is ™House for Seven People,∫ a renovation of a single family house into shared house which received a special mention as a exhibited project of in the Japanese Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia and ™Holes in the House∫ where she renovates the house while living there with her partner Fuminori Nosaku.

The Berlage Keynotes is an ongoing lecture series featuring internationally prominent architects, designers, and thinkers who are at the forefront of design discourse and innovation. A selection of speakers working from different disciplinary perspectives and in different geographic, cultural, and political contexts present how their work engages with contemporary issues and debates. This spring semester, speakers include Guy Nordenson, Office Winhov, Dyvik Kahlen, Alice Bucknell, Studio MNM, Luis Fernandez-Galiano, and Adamo-Faiden.

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