The Berlage


The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, part of the Delft University Technology’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, educates architects in a highly collaborative and experimental setting, characterized by independent study with guidance and input from and exchange with leading and emerging designers and scholars. Founded in 1990 as the Berlage Institute, it offers an accredited, three-semester, English-language post-master program, along with a rich and diverse public program of lectures, exhibitions, and conversations. Students work both individually and collectively across a series of design-based research projects, proseminars, fieldwork excursions, and master classes.


Salomon Frausto, Director of Studies
Sanne van den Breemer
Ludo Groen
Salma Ibrahim
Mick Morssink

Spring 2021 term tutors
Bêka & Lemoine
Juan Benavides
Lucas Bacle
Sanne van den Breemer
Salomon Frausto
Filip Geerts
Reinier de Graaf
Ludo Groen
Hans Larsson
Alexandru Retegan
Leá-Catherine Szacka