The Berlage

Final Presentation

Project Global: Ground

Final Presentation

Thursday, June 30, 13:00–17:00, Orange Room
With guests Kevin Goncalves, James Melsom, and Caroline Sohie.

Project Global engages with the metropolitan condition understood as a system of systems. The metropolitan metabolism privileges a technocratic lens if it is to reveal its systemic secrets. Exhausting this technocratic understanding becomes a necessary a priori examination in order to reveal the niches where architecture is uniquely able to contribute to issues pertaining to urban resilience, or not. Contemporary calls for systemic shifts, regarding climate change and improving resilience in the face of amongst other things the effects of real such climate change—not just the mitigating actions to avert it—monopolize the contemporary relationship between architecture and the city.

The starting point for the last incarnation of this Project Global triptych will be Ground/Land: dealing with the earth’s crust as a primary carrying capacitor of human activities, from extractive practices to agriculture. Issues like pollutants entering the water table, erosion, but also the increasing reliance—as a somewhat hidden other side of the coin—on new mining to feed “renewable” energy paradigms.

From Friday, June 24 to Friday, July 1, the Berlage will host its Final Presentations Week.

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