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Sarah Moylan

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Strategy and development are critical to the success of every business—the world of Architecture, Urbanism and Design is no exception. Each new project starts with an initial conversation, a first hand shake, and it is in the foundation of these relationships that truly spectacular design opportunities are realized. Even award-winning architects at the top of the architecture discipline cannot freely pick their favourite projects—it is with a clear strategy and dedicated approach that successful projects are nurtured and achieved. The global head of MVRDV’s business development team, Sarah Moylan, will share her experiences in this role. She will explain important aspects of business development for architects through anecdotes, general information, tips and vital insights.

Sarah Moylan guides MVRDV’s BD team in the expansion of the office’s global portfolio of work. To this end, she and her team draw potential clients and collaborators into connection with MVRDV to realize exceptional projects. As an experienced, licensed Architect in the State of New York, and UCLA graduate with several years’ experience expanding Starbucks’ market in EMEA, Moylan has a unique background that combines design and business. This professional experience extends across several scales, clients, users, participants, communities, cities, and countries, and its versatility lends significant strength to her team, as well as in the decisive pursuit of ambitious new opportunities for MVRDV.

The Berlage Sessions, a seven-part seminar series entitled “Into Completion,” examines the chronological lives of buildings. From responding to a client’s brief and the postwar organization compared to the global expansion of large-scale architecture firms, to building optimization and construction detailing, the series explores the processes and components of realizing contemporary architecture.

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