The Berlage

Symposium Room K

Diversity and Invention: Le Corbusier After the War

"On Pavillon Le Corbusier" by Tim Benton
"On Maison Curutchet" by Alejandro Lapunzina
"On Maisons Jaoul" by Caroline Maniaque
"On Architecture and Folklore" by Stanislaus von Moos
"On the Maisons Murondins" by Mary McLeod

This symposium explores Le Corbusier's concept of espace indicible, translated as "ineffable space," which he used repeatedly after the Second World War to try to explain how a work of art transcends ordinary reality (building). A number of ideas underpin this concept, from his renewed interest in the synthesis of the arts (and his attempt to establish himself as a painter) to ideas about the "divine" status of mathematics and proportion. Guest lecturers will look at the tracés régulateurs, the Modulor, and some postwar buildings. Speakers will include Tim Benton, Alejandro Lapunzina, Caroline Maniaque, Mary McLeod, and Stanislaus von Moos.

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