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Dyvik Kahlen

Photograph by Antoine Espinasseau.

Max Kahlen founded Dyvik Kahlen Architects together with Christopher Dyvik in London in 2010. Since 2020 the practice has been based in Porto and Palma, working internationally across various scales from furniture to exhibition design, interiors and buildings. The main aspiration is to create good spaces that improve the quality of life of those who inhabit them. Underlying their work is a desire for objects and spaces that are comfortable and strangely familiar, as much as a fascination for rational and neutral form. They regularly contribute to the academic discourse as critics and lecturers. Recently they have been running ADS5, an Architectural Postgraduate Master Course at The Royal College of Art in London.

The Berlage Keynotes is an ongoing lecture series featuring internationally prominent architects, designers, and thinkers who are at the forefront of design discourse and innovation. A selection of speakers working from different disciplinary perspectives and in different geographic, cultural, and political contexts present how their work engages with contemporary issues and debates. This spring semester, speakers include Guy Nordenson, Office Winhov, Dyvik Kahlen, Alice Bucknell, Studio MNM, Luis Fernandez-Galiano, and Adamo-Faiden.

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