The Berlage

Final Presentation

The Berlagia Real Estate Fair

Final Presentation

Wednesday, June 29, 16:00–18:00, Orange Room
With guests Ingrid Schroder and Lucia Tahan

What remains of the theory of architecture once we blatantly regard architecture as a function of the economy? Buildings cost money, buildings earn money. Even if seemingly absent from the architect's radar, the need for buildings to generate financial return is a potent yet little discussed driver of architectural form. It is the aim of the proseminar entitled The Asset Class, led by Reinier de Graaf, to reveal how this is done. By both revisiting the history of architecture and investigating contemporary phenomena through the lens of finance, the proseminar identified architectural typologies stemming from the motive to create a profitable investment. Based on these findings, eight speculative scenarios take this reality to the extreme.

From Friday, June 24 to Friday, July 1, the Berlage will host its Final Presentations Week.

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