The Berlage

Project Thesis

Architecture & the Fashion Industry

Final Presentation

Friday, July 1, 10:00—13:00, Orange Room
With guests Kevin Goncalves, Michiel Riedijk, and Oana Stănescu

Fashion House is a collective project imagining the spatial implications of the fashion industry. Twenty-three contributions are sited across five cities—Berlin, Valencia, Marseilles, Rotterdam, Zurich—that are emerging as new fashion centers challenging the traditional “big four” of London, Milan, New York, and Paris. The project begins by examining the spatial relationships between dressmaker and client at the beginning of the twentieth century and then continues by speculating on how future production and consumption patterns will alter the architecture of the once domestically conceived “fashion house.” Topics range from planned obsolescence and life span to re- and up-cycling and provenance, from heritage and intellectual property to mass customization and marketing.

From Friday, June 24 to Friday, July 1, the Berlage will host its Final Presentations Week.

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